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Pensionate Analmente Fate

Santa Getting Sucked Off by Wife

Duration: 29m, 45s, Starring Sandra, Markus

(Not Rated)

This is one of those bizarre porn ideas that you just assume someone came up with while they were on the can. This is a mature themed porno featuring Sandra, who is totally dressed up like Mrs. Claus, although also with a beard. it's a bit weird, and she also ends up fucking random props there. She sees her Santa, Markus, who seems to not be weirded out at all. Instead he lets the mature Claus start sucking his dick, right there under the Christmas tree. Whoever said porn is not creative really needs to get a load of this one.

Hairy Milf Taking a Stiff Dicking

Duration: 30m, 36s, Starring Sabrine, Rodolphe Antrim

(6 Votes)

Sabrine is in the mood for some sexual satisfaction, but she ends up just getting angry that her oven isn't working. She calls over Rodolphe Antrim and ends up fucking him instead, getting a working oven and a working cock. She pushes her long legs as wide as they can possibly go, revealing a great hairy pussy that should be licked, sucked, and fucked, not exactly in that order. He ends up taking some time to come on to this brunette milf, but once he did he ends up loving every second of the fuck fest.

Short Haired Mature Babe Gets Laid

Duration: 8m, 8s, Starring Rebecca, Sasha

(5 Votes)

There is a place in porn for every woman over 18, and it just so happens that Rebecca is getting on over 40, but she's still having plenty of fun. She ends up bouncing up and down on Sasha's dick, loving the way that it plunged deeper and deeper inside of her. She moans as she feels it slamming into her, and before long her mature pussy is completely soaked. There's nothing quite like seeing her hairy pussy get split in two quite like that, and before long she is just moaning in orgasm after mature orgasm.

Horny Granny Loving Medical Fetish

Duration: 9m, 30s, Starring Brigette, Dr Otto

(2 Votes)

Brigette might be getting on in her years, but that doesn't mean she's not going to keep going to the gyno. Well she goes there because she certainly seems to be getting the action that she craves. She ends up with Dr Otto, who makes sure to check out everything - and by everything, he seems to be putting her in stirrups and then plunging four fingers deep inside of her pussy. She is nearly gushing by the first thrust, and then it just keeps getting more and more intense for this granny. Now that's hot.

Mature Cock Sucker Enjoying Dick

Duration: 4m, 50s, Starring Gaby Gums, Frederick

(1 Vote)

Gaby Gums might not be the youngest pornstar around, but she certainly does seem to be rather satisfied. She starts off with an experienced cocksuck of Frederick, wrapping her over 50 lips around his dick. Although her body has seen better days, she certainly does look great for her age. Her pussy is still nice and tight, and given that she's fucking the hell out of this 20 something stud, she's doing something right. She ends up getting her pussy stuffed full of his dick, and even does it doggy style.

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